A downloadable game

How to Download the Game:

You must first download both files, the exe and the rar file. Unzip the rar file and put the files into the same folder as the one the exe file is in. Double click the exe file and you should b ready to play!

Important Notice:

The Calling never finished development, and as of me and my team at the moment, we simply do not have the time to splurge on further developing the game.... I know it's sad. That being said, The Calling was supposed to tell the story of a haunted war battleground, there was also supposed to be a cemetery in the game, an inventory system, and many other features that we were not able to include. So before you call it a Slender: Eight Pages rip off, just remember that we were not able to complete the game. Download it and have fun!

Purpose of the game:

Collect all 11 journals while reading each one you come across. The added in feature of being able to zoom in allows you to read the journals while pausing the game so you can take your time going through each one. Oh yeah, there is also this monster (Big red block) that is out there somewhere in the woods coming after you, so make sure you look out for him. HAVE FUN!


WASD - Control to move

Right-Click - Lets you zoom in to read the journals, also pauses the game

E - Lets you pick up the journals (Make sure to get really close to them in order to pick them up)

Shift- Sprint

G - Turn Off/On your flashlight

and of Course Mouse to look around

Install instructions

  1. Download the data folder
  2. Then, download the .exe
  3. Now drag the .exe into the data folder
  4. Load up the .exe in the data folder and the game is ready to play


TheCalling.exe 15 MB
TheCalling_Data.rar 30 MB